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Do you know your biggest cyber risk?

How vulnerable is your organization? Are your workplaces safe? Did criminals have access to your login details? How easy can a ransomware attack take place?

95% of data breaches occurred within three industries: government, retail and technology; 62% of organizations suffered from phishing and social engineering attacks in 2018.

You want clarity on the risk your employees, websites, machines and organization are exposed to.

Our certified cyber experts carry out a comprehensive cyber security audit in these areas. You can expect clarity and a solid report.

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We excel by smart pairing of motivated humans and powerful machines.
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Next to the extensive scan on your organization, our ethical hackers will look for vulnerabilities to exploit, just like organized crime. The result is clarity on your defenses.

What to expect?

The Skopos team performs a comprehensive analysis on your organization, with a focus on four themes:


We scan the website (s) for available services, open ports and software versions. This gives a good sense how attractive the website is for attackers.

Workstations & servers

With our software we perform a comprehensive analysis of workstations and servers. You will know exactly how vulnerable workstations and servers are. You will gain insight into the top risks. With this information you can see how likely a ransomware attack is and you know whether an attacker can easily take over a system. You get a list of all vulnerabilities; this covers for example software that has been hit by data leaks or applications that hackers prefer to take advantage of. Your IT partner can use this list to prioritize activities.


We will search the public- and dark web for information about your organization. We tell which employees have data exposed in a data breach. You will see exactly where, when and for whom which data has been leaked. If possible, we will show you the passwords (SHA1).


We measure the level of cyber awareness among your employees. Think: do you use strong passwords? Do employees understand the risks of attachments in emails?

Frequently asked questions

We want to help you answer frequently asked questions. If your question is not here, please let us know via

  • Why Skopos?

    Below a comparison of the weak links that Skopos covers compared to other vendors.

    Detect vulnerable software
    Prevent mal- & ransomware
    Recommend solution
    Detect active measures (antivirus, firewall)
    Predict hacker attack within 12 month
    Overview security of workstations
    Bring your own device
    Easy installation
    Detect loss of user data (dark web check)
    Cyber awareness of users
    Skopos Teams
    Black Carbon      
  • How does it work?

    Skopos continuously improves security through three steps: analysis -> advice -> solution.

    • Presence of active protection on workstations (antivirus etc.)
    • Identification of vulnerabilities in existing software
    • Cyber awareness of employees on risk

    • Users regularly receive advice by email on how to improve security
    • Advice can be to uninstall vulnerable software, update systems or install new programs such as a virus scanner or firewall
    • The user can expect personal advice to improve security, such as changing passwords
    • The employee can solve most problems with support from Skopos
    • For complex security problems, we can put you in touch with local Skopos certified cyber security specialists

  • How can I protect more workstations?

    That is quite easy, if you are already a customer, click on 'login' at the top of this page. You will then receive a one-time password by e-mail. With that password you can log in and manage your 'subscription', you simply add the number of workplaces you need extra. If you are new, choose one of the variants and request the package.

  • Can I end the contract monhtly?

    Certainly. You log in with your email address on 'Login' and choose 'cancel subscription. With a month subscription, the subscription expires on the following month. With a one-year subscription, the subscription expires at the end of the current year.

  • Is it possible to change subscriptions?

    Not a problem. Click on 'login' at the top of this page. You will then receive a one-time password by e-mail. With that password you can log in and manage your 'subscription', you then change your 'subscription'.

  • How can I reach Skopos?

    You can send us a message using the form below or call the user support team at +tel:44932201653.